Weekly Giveaway: JLH by Design!

Name Stories and Word Stories

Jennifer H. of JLH by Design is the featured vendor for this week’s blog post-And the first post on our new WordPress blog!

She creates “Name Stories”, photos designed into a word or name that has a variety of fonts and backgrounds, and frames or creates them on a painted wood background. They are great for displaying in the living room, a bedroom, or using as a photoprop! Check out her creations on her Facebook page.

  1. Tell me about your business:  At the suggestion of a friend, I began exploring the idea of creating a piece of “art” using photos of letters to create a friend’s last name (for a wedding gift). I then set out to take pictures of letters from places that held some meaning for my friend.  The adventure of selecting letters, combined with picking and choosing the right combination of letters for the final piece was a creative challenge – a creative process – I immediately loved.
My business is starting slowly.  Initially, it was just friends asking me to make a “Name Story” here and there for a wedding gift or birthday present, and creating “Name Stories” for my own family and friends.  I took baby steps, doing a couple of craft shows and farmer’s markets, and just recently I took the leap into the world of Facebook “business pages” and really putting myself -and my work- out there.  I am definitely just beginning, and while it’s exhilirating doing what I love and sharing it with people, it’s also scary.  But it’s a challenge I’m up for – a challenge I’m enjoying so far!
My business is fairly unique – there is Alphabet Art out there; however, I try to add a little something more to my pieces – whether it be with letters telling a story about a person, or me putting my personal touch on a name/word.  I create one-of-a-kind pieces for people because, after all, we are all one-of-a-kind!
  1. If you could pick one thing you absolutely love creating your own work, what would it be?  I’m not exactly sure what this question is asking (is it missing an “about” after ‘love’??)…but I’ll try to answer what I think it’s asking!  🙂

The one thing I absolutely love about creating my own work is sharing my creativity with others – the ability to create one-of-a-kind pieces for people is an amazing opportunity (albeit somewhat intimidating as well at times!)

  1. Have you ever wanted to quit? If so, why? I think it’s only human to want to quit at one point or another.  After all, nothing ever comes easy – and success doesn’t come quickly (at least not for most people).  Sometimes the journey is bumpy, and other times the whole idea of starting a business seems too big, too daunting.  But then I get an idea, or see a sign with the perfect letters, and I am once again excited and eager to keep going.
  • Did you design your logo?  Yes – I think it gives you an idea of what it is I do!
  • What is your goal for the next year?  My goal for the next year is to get to the point where I am actually making money from doing what I love – creating!  🙂 
JLH by Design is giving away one of their name stories!
PRIZE: JLH by Design will CUSTOM DESIGN a Name Story for you! 
How to enter:
Mandatory steps:
#1-Subscribe to this blog
#2-“like” JLH by Design 
(This is your first entry)
Bonus Entries:
Follow us on Twitter: #photographybysk
(This is bonus entries, please put #2 and #3 when you leave it in a comment)

That means you have up to 3 entries possible 🙂Contest will begin at time of posting on Wednesday and will be open until Monday of next week!

11 thoughts on “Weekly Giveaway: JLH by Design!

  1. Hey Shanna, I subscribed to the blog, “liked” JLH By Design and of course I “liked” your page a long time ago…have a great day:)

      • Dang, didn’t see this message until just now…oh well. I need to be getting with you on the session I won a while back. I’m wanting “fall” type pictures with all the pretty fall colors so I may wait until more around Thanksgiving, maybe by then it will have cooled off some. I’m getting pretty impatient for new pictures so it may be before then:) Hope all is well, your son has gotten so big & all his hair….toooo cute!!

      • Amie-I included 3 comments for you when I drew, so no worries!
        Sounds great-I have some Mini’s scheduled for Sept 24th and Oct 1st..and I’m planning on having pumpkins! So if you want to have it before November, that would be a great time.

        Aww, thanks…he is getting big fast!

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