Templates (new and on sale!) & Freebies for our Fabulous Fans



The more I describe it, the more you like it, right?

So you’ve seen those photogs that make everyone’s life easy by making templates to add your info and photos into….I have too. I decided that “one day” I would figure out how to make them.
And I did! Thanks to my computer savvy husband, we figured out (after much debating on how Adobe Elements really worked… 😉 how to make and use templates. Since then, I’ve been template crazy! I designed my own to make pdf files to send to potential clients, and after a while I thought “hey…I bet other photogs could use these too!”

What I ended up creating was 6 templates that you can customize with your branding colors and text. They are all .psd files, and I flattened mine and saved as pdf’s for sending to my clients.

Photographer’s Template Set-$20
6 templates-All customizable to match your branding.
Create a sleek look with these templates that we send as pdf’s to our clients!

Included in the template set:

  • two portrait packages templates-with optional texture
  • engagement package template
  • family package template
  • wedding details template
  • wedding template


$20 $10 for ALL of this! Wow-zers! That’s FABULOUS!

Reg. price of $20 is marked down to $10 this weekend only! Sale ends Sunday at Midnight!

But there’s more! 😉

Finally-the Freebies!!

These templates would be fabulous for scrapbooking moms, and photogs that want to display their client’s photos in a fun and exciting layout. Want them? Subscribe to our blog (little “follow our blog” button at the top of this page on the right) and I’ll email you the download link. I’d love for you to post a photo of your creation using any of my templates onto my FB page for everyone to see!

Hope you Enjoy all the goodies!

Leave a comment below with your email after you’ve subscribed to our blog to get the freebies!

And Visit our FB page-Since Today is the release day of our Template Set-We will be giving one away FREE!

Go to our page and “SHARE” the photo that is on our wall (a few posts down) with your personal or business page AND Tag us when you share the photo-and you will be entered to win!

It will be given away when it reaches “10” shares, or on Monday the 7th-whichever comes first!


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment here :)

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