Couples Sweetheart Session Giveaway

Love is in the air…Roses, chocolates, and pretty sparkly things are the list of “must-haves” for so many this time of the month.

But this is about something that will last-A Captured Moment of the two of you.
Sure, fancy chocolate is delicious, and makes us feel good…and flowers smell beautiful and make your wife smile! (and guys, don’t think I’m suggesting not to get these things 😉 Pictures of you and your beloved don’t fade away. That moment that is captured, that shows your love and admiration for each other is precious and will be treasured for many years to come.

I know all of you have probably seen the commercials for Visa, about things being “Priceless”. We all know things technically have a “price” attached to them, but I want to give a couple a session that is truly “priceless”.-a free session where I capture your personality and love for each other!

Each of the couples below have sent me the story about how they met, and I got teary eyed through many of them. It is so fun to see how people met, how you become attracted to your love and how happy you are to be married (or engaged) to them!

So enough of my sappiness: on to the details of the giveaway!
Each couple needs YOUR vote to help them win this fabulous session.

To enter:

  • Vote on the couple you want to win by clicking their name in the poll (top right hand of the blog)

  • Comment on this post with your name, the couple’s name your voting for, and anything else you want to say!

You MUST do both steps for it to qualify. You may vote for yourself 🙂

BONUS: If we get 150 votes & comments on the giveaway by the halfway point of the giveaway, (which I’m going to say is Friday the 10th at noon) I will add another session to the

giveaway! Which means TWO of the couples would win free sessions!

The winning couple will receive….

A $150 value Couples Sweetheart Session! 

Session will be booked between February 18th-March 31st. The shoot will take place in Downtown Tyler. The winning couple will be emailed after the blog is updated with the winner, and the dates and times available will be sent to choose from. A disk of images and a print release is included with the session.

Voting will end on February 13th at midnight. Winner will be announced on February 14th on the blog. Follow the blog to get an update when the winner is posted! 

Please share this giveaway with your friends and family! The more people you send to vote for you, the better chance you have at winning. If there is a bonus session added, (see above) the 2nd winner will be selected with 

Use Twitter, Facebook, Email, anything you can think of to help you get more votes!

Be creative! 🙂

Voters: I have 2 spots open for $25 off a session! If you would like to book a portrait session, leave me a comment or use the Contact tab at the top of the blog.

Find more about the sessions I offer on my website.

The Couples: 

#1-Michele Stires & Bryan Vadley

It seems like just the other day. It was the beginning of fall and the leaves were just starting to change colors when I first noticed him. It was very cold the day we met. I was outside talking to him and friends he noticed that I was cold and shivering. He came over to me and zipped up my coat and pulled the hood of my jacket over my head. Then nothing else. He went about his day like nothing ever happened. I was wondering if I misread the signals. Weeks went by and every now and then I would notice him looking at the girl beside me and when I looked he would quickly look away. I would spend two hours ever day picking out an outfit and getting my makeup perfect. One day I had enough of this after I tried to get his attention day after day so I decided to trip him when he walked by. Oh he was just to smooth to get tripped by me. Instead he just smiled and stepped over my foot. Later I got the courage to ask him to study with me and some friends. By now it was the end of the semester and we were celebrating being through this horrible computer class. We went to a delicious Mexican restaurant where I was so nervous I spilled water all over the table. It was now Christmas time and I was going to my grandparents to be with family for the holidays. So I asked him if he wanted to go to Harley Davidson to pick out a shirt for my uncle. We had a great time and at the end of the day I brought him back to the parking lot so he could drive home. I went in for the kiss and he did not kiss me instead he raised his head and kissed me on my forehead. I have to say that is the best first kiss I had ever had even if it was not on the lips. After that day I could not get him out of my mind. We talked for hours and hours on the phone all throughout Christmas. When I got back he was ready to see me. He drove three hours to see me before the sun had even come up. He asked me to be his girlfriend on New Years day. Now two years have passed and we talk for hours and hours ever day and we are still so very much in love. Even better news he proposed to me this past January after he asked my father for permission to marry me. We plan to get married after he completes his BSN in nursing. P.S I eventually found out that he was not looking at the girl next to me; he was really looking at me!

#2- Lauren & Nathan Mickler 

It was at a home church meeting that we first met. I noticed a guy walk in and take a seat a few minutes after it started…. I had seen him a couple of times but didn’t pay too much attention at the time. I was caught up in worship and little did I know that there was someone across the room feeling a sudden shift in feelings. I didn’t know then as I sang my heart out but seated just feet away was my future husband who felt a spark as he watched me worship. A kindred spirit…
So was it love at first sight? Not quite. But it was the love at the sight of our precious Jesus that we both shared that connected us then and still connects us now…
Of course it didn’t take long before both of us felt a deeper connection than just brothers and sisters in Christ… 😉 We fell deeply in love with each other as the months passed and that passion hasn’t wavered in the past four years we have been married or through the journey of bringing two precious children into this world.
We love to laugh together, go on adventures together, and we still have butterflies float up at the sight of each other but still the greatest connection of all is that spark that was struck that first night… The kindling of a common goal and purpose, a shared mission to follow Jesus –  and I pray that the years will make that into a flame… A light that will shine before men so that God may be glorified.

#3- Larry & Jenifer Harrison

We met circa April 2000 via Yahoo! personals (seriously), they were free back then. We lived in the same city (Tucson AZ), once we met in person (Furr’s Cafeteria) we always communicated in person or via phone etc, no more Internet-based
communication. We married that same year, Dec 15th, honeymooned over
the weekend in a small NM town with hiking trails there. (How small?
They begged me not to lose the hotel key because they’d have to drive
60 miles to have another one made!) We have kids, but she is
still–and always will be–the 1st & most important person in my life.
Matthew 19:6

#4-Lisa & Adam Betts

the story of Adam and Lisa begins with Lisa going out on a date with a young gentleman. While driving down the road after seeing a movie, the couple passes a car and the young driver rolls down his window to speak to Lisa’s date. Lisa barely sees the man and thinks nothing of the encounter. A few months later, Lisa is out with the same young man (by this time the two decide friendship is better) when they run into a group of youth gathered in a parking lot conversing. They stop to say “hello” when Lisa sees a man who catches her eye. Long black hair, dark trenchcoat, combat boots and a skull necklace scream to Lisa, “This is the type of guy my parents would hate. I must date him.” Turned out Lisa’s male friend knew the man and introduced them. Lisa was shocked that the young man was friendly, courteous and even more thrilled when it turned out that he was the man her date had spoken to when driving down the road. The young man, Adam, sure remembered, because he knew exactly who Lisa was, the pretty girl his friend went out with. Adam and Lisa decided to go out on an official date a few days later and although they were polar opposites, they couldn’t stay away from each other. Now married 17 years and 2 children later, the two still can’t be separated.

#5- Amanda & James Morton

James and I met July 14, 1998.  I had moved to College Station with my parents and we were visiting a new church.  I attended the young adult class that night. James was sitting in front of me and he turned around and introduced himself.  We talked a bit before class.  We talked a few more times here and there over the next few weeks.  At the end of August he invited me over to his house to watch an Aggie football game with a group from church.  When I got there he was still at work.  Here I was, the “new girl”, didn’t really know anyone, and he wasn’t there.  lol  Anyway, once he got there, we hit it off well.  He called me a couple of weeks later.  Our first date was September 25.  He asked me to marry him on December 4, and we were married July 10, 1999.  Very fast, whirlwind courtship and engagement but I wouldn’t change a thing.  He is my everything.

#6- Adrienne & Hunter Williams

Hunter and I met a little over 3 years ago on November 10, 2008. The day before we officially met, I went to a friend’s house to pick her up. Little did I know that Hunter was there with a couple of his friend’s. My best friend obviously gave Hunter my number because the next day, he was texting me saying we should meet.  I decide to meet him, but was extremely nervous because I couldn’t exactly remember him. We had a wonderful night of watching Iron Man and eating ice cream. Now we have been married for a few months and are enjoying our new lives together. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing man!
#7-Sonya & Greg Joyce
In the sixth grade, Greg and I had band together. This was the first time we met. He was a huge dork and we didn’t talk much. In middle school we never had any classes together but would see each other on the school yard. I don’t remember it but Greg says that I kept him from getting in trouble one time. Our freshmen year of school we became friends and he began to have feelings for me. One day after school he waited till he saw his bus coming and pinned me against the wall to ask me out. I was already seeing someone from my church so he hoped on the bus. This began a cycle of us always wanting to date the other but the other was always taken. We came close to dating our senior year but things still didn’t work out. We did become best friends.
During the first semester of college we were in separate schools and towns. Both of us trough different paths began looking for our spouse. (mostly in the wrong places) Greg prayed to God to show him his wife. I came home for Christmas break and decided to visit him and another friend and their job. I was told several years later that when he looked up and saw me he knew we would marry. We began dating and started talking about marriage a week later. It was a year and a half before we married but we knew we had the person that God had made for us. On June 12, 2004 at 2pm I walked down the isle and cried when I saw my best friend at the alter waiting for me crying too.
#8-Brittney & Jeff Joiner

Married: March 12th, 2009
Vow Renewal coming: February 14th, 2012

Jeff and I met *again* when I was about 19 years old and a freshman in college. I was playing around on the internet and was a member of a website called Tagged (similar to Myspace) when I, by pure accident, stumbled across his profile and messaged him. We became online friends and within a short time decided to meet in person. He met me at the Dairy Palace and there was something about his smile that caught my eye and I had butterflies. We met again several days later as a mini date while I was on a break from classes at TJC. We parked at Big Lots and walked around inside and got to know each other better. We shared our first kiss that day and it was magic. During the period of getting to know each other we had discovered that not only had I graduated with his sister, but that he had lived next door to me for over 5 years and we never had a clue, despite going to the same church where we originally met during my childhood! All of this time we were neighbors and never had a clue! From then on, we were together and have shared many incredible memories and now have two gorgeous daughters as a testament of our love.
Good Luck to all the couples! I look forward to seeing who wins the session. I can’t wait to photograph you! 


65 thoughts on “Couples Sweetheart Session Giveaway

  1. I Voted For Myself And Michele. Because Nothing Would Make Her More Happy Than Having Memories That We Can Show Our Future Children and Grandchildren!!!

  2. I am voting for Michelle and Bryan. There story is amazingly beautiful. I have also known Bryan for a few years and know that he is a hopeless romantic, he actually helped me and my husband get together and help us throughout some difficult times. They are great together and have a very strong bond together. It is great to see two people who not only support each other but will do much more for their friends.
    Love you both!!

  3. I am voting for Bryan and Michelle. These two look like they are made for each other and have a wonderful relationship. We wish you all the best!

  4. I am voting for Nathan & Lauren because their story was so encouraging to my husband and me! We love that as parent now, they’re still putting the Lord and each other first in their marriage! How precious and rare this is~~made me cry just reading the sweet part about their love for Jesus being the common bond that drew them together in the beginning, and being still what drives them closer together every day as they each draw near to Him!! :):):) Excited for Bryan & Michelle too~~they seem so much in love and are such a cute couple~~can’t wait to see who ends up winning!! Blessings, Lindsay 🙂

  5. I vote for Michele Stires & Bryan Vadney!!
    Bryan and I have been siblings for the past 12 years. I’ve seen him through hard times and good times. But had yet to see him go-feel REAL love, and I’m proud to say he did it right! Michele and Bryan are great apart but they are prefect together, they deserve this shoot!! Love yall ❤

  6. I love the picture of you and Jeff and I hope you win because you both derserve this!! Also I love the story in how you guys meet who would’ve ever thought that about you guys!!

  7. I’m voting for Greg and Sonya. I’ve known them for several years and can say without a doubt that they are the cutest couple I’ve ever met. The definitely have in each other what I hope to find.

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