Painting Props-High Chair & Newborn Bed Tutorial

I amm the buy-a-project-piece-and-never-finish queen.

Maybe I should make a crown off a Pinterest pin…oh wait. I wouldn’t finish it. 😉


But today, I COMPLETED **TWO** projects!! This is HUGE!

I bought this old Jenny Lind high chair for $12 at the CCC sale last year (wonderful sale of children’s gently used items), and knew I wanted to use it for a birthday shoot.

The baby bed was an old doll bed I picked up at a church garage sale for $3. I was so excited when I found it-cause I’ve been looking for a baby bed for months now! I have to repair the bottom board and make a little mattress for it, but I’m totally fine with that.

Problem was-I havn’t had anyone book a birthday session for a baby all year! So I had to wait until my on son, Kidron, is about to turn one…and therefore I needed to get the high chair ready for his pictures.

I LOVE turqouise. Really anything turqouise or orange…I’m apt to buy it. Or drool over it for months. S0-I remembered I had a sample of Vaspar paint in a dark turquoise, and decided to use it for my project.


The pictures speak for themselves-but in case you want the details:

I used a craft foam brush to paint with. (It’s what I had) I tried using a paper towel to brush on a little paint on the baby bed kinda as a primer, which made the paint go on smoother. I did two coats on both the high chair and the bed. I wanted the vintage look, so I wasn’t concerned about getting in every little nook and cranny.

I love how they turned out-and now I need a little squishy baby, and a birthday toddler to photograph! 🙂

So if you know of any mamas in the Tyler area that want a session with these fun props-send them my way!!




Kidron did so good for mama while I painted! It took me about an hour and half to finish both projects.



4 thoughts on “Painting Props-High Chair & Newborn Bed Tutorial

  1. I bought a Jenny Lind high chair for my daughter 33 years ago. It has been stored in the garage for 30 years and needs a good paint job and gluing of the back. Did you have to sand the chair before painting and do any gluing? I don’t see the tray. Is there a tray. I have a tray with a small piece missing. Any ideas?

    • Hi Patrice! So sorry I JUST saw your comment!

      I did not sand it-the high chair had already been painted by someone else, and I didn’t like the color so I redid it. I bought it and it didn’t have the tray (which I was sad about!) but I cleaned it up, and used Valspar paint sample to paint it with a brush. I would highly recommend spray painting-I have painted my latest projects with Valspar spray paint and it works much better and easier!

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