Changes for Captured Moments by SK

Hello everyone-

There are lots of changes happening to Captured Moments by SK

that I want to share with you!


*My husband took me and our son Kidron to the Rose Garden on Mother’s Day for a brunch picnic-and we did our first self portrait family photo with my new D7000!

New Page-I have a NEW FB page for my Marketing Design. It is called Marketing Design by SK-and all of my Photoshop templates, Custom Logo Design and Marketing Sets, and online Photography classes will be listed on this new page. My Captured Moment by SK page will be just for my photography. My page has become cluttered with all the designs I’ve done, that I know my clients are missing out on the photos from their sessions! I am so excited by all the photographers and business owners that I have helped with their marketing and logo design, and hope that you will share my new page.

Pricing-My pricing has been updated for Portrait sessions and Weddings. As my portfolio has grew in the last 2 years, and the time I put into planning, shooting, editing, and delivering clients sessions I decided it was time for me to update my pricing. Clients can contact me thru the “Contact” tab on my website to have my Investment guide sent to their email. I will still be offering digital files and prints, and will have packages for clients to choose from depending on what they wish to purchase with a session.


I have an active one year old son, and a husband who needs his wife to be attentive when he comes home. I’ve realized that with the time I spend on perfecting each image, I have to make it worth the time put into it. Thank-you for supporting my business in the last two years-and I look forward to capturing your moments in the rest of 2012!

Giveaways-I will be cutting back on the number of giveaways I hold on my FB pages. I enjoy the excitement it produces, but I want to take the time I spend on FB and invest it into my photography sessions and creating new marketing sets for photographers.

Session & Inquiry-Emails and phone calls will be replied to between 9-4pm on weekdays. Anything sent after 4pm will be replied to the next business day. (Being a SAHM and making your own schedule is hard-but my little one demands this!)

I will not be taking any more sessions on Sunday afternoons. Sunday is our day together as a family and a day of worship, and I need that one day to just be Mom & Wife.




and that’s a wrap! Thank-you again for your support in my growing business!!

I love getting to meet each and every one of you fans on FB, and clients in the Tyler area-and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask.

Shanna-Kaye Fancher


2 thoughts on “Changes for Captured Moments by SK

  1. Sounds great, Shanna-Kaye!!! 😀 😀 😀 You do such a great job of optimizing your time-management and keeping things flexible and at their BEST for ALL!!!! Excited about these changes!!! Way to go!!! You are fabulous and such a blessing!! :):):) Love, Lindsay :):)

    • Please ignore the profile name on my comment!! ;););) I accidentally posted using that profile without realizing it, but it’s actually not an active blog, and the name is also wrong!! ;););) Blessings, LMB 😀 😀

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