July Wedding in Victoria,TX {Danielle & Ben Copeland}

Danielle & Benjamin were wed at sunset on a beautiful day in July-at the Power Avenue Warehouse in Victoria, TX.

I’ve been trying to decide how to write this post for almost 3 weeks now-and here’s why: Danielle is one of my closest friends. She was my maid of honor just two years ago when I got married, and we were “bunk mates” at summer camp for almost 10 years. I could tell you many stories about our adventures-all the trouble we got into for talking too much after curfew, and how much I looked up to her for being such a fabulous artist. For the sake of time-I will just tell you about their wonderful day! 😉

My husband Paul (my 2nd shooter) and I drove up to Victoria ,TX the evening before the big day, and met them at the rehearsal. There were a few shots I wanted to get in the evening light…and they were awesome letting me break out my creative side!

Danielle was pretty excited when I pulled out a vintage red suitcase-because her colors were red and yellow.

On their wedding day-I followed Danielle to her hair & makeup appointment, got everything finished in time to head Downtown for their First Look session. It was beautiful. Downtown Victoria is a splendid place for photographs-and I was thrilled to have some new places to shoot at! We found a fabulous red wall at a nearby cafe-I loved it so much I wish I could bring it back to Tyler with me.

First-we blind folded the groom so he wouldn’t see the bride when she arrived. He cooperated quite nicely for us!

My favorite moment of a first look, is to see the guy’s face when he see’s his beautiful bride for the first time. Ben’s expression brings tears to my eyes every time I look back at the photos…

his sheer joy, excitement, and love is contagious! I really could see he was so thrilled to finally have some time with his bride-and I was happy to supply the “break” from the craziness that always

surrounds your wedding day!


One funny thing happened when we were shooting-I had them run across the road and then walk back, so I could get a shot that Danielle wanted. When they ran across the road…Ben’s sole on his shoe came UNGLUED…like just fell almost completely off! I didn’t notice until after they walked across the street, as we had about 10 seconds to get the shot before traffic started again-but I got it all shot and it made some priceless photos. Luckily, my husband was super amazing and went and picked up a new pair of shoes for Ben (since the wedding was in a little over an hour-and he couldn’t exactly go barefoot!) and nobody would know the difference.

Just goes to show you-things may happen during the shoot, but it makes a GREAT story later!

On to the Wedding…..

and I know pronounce you…..


What is Steve up too?

He is bringing a stool-for Danielle to stand on to get that first kiss!

Family Pictures…

Danny was awarded the title of “Brides-Bro” by the bride. He grew up with Danielle,

so she wanted him on her side in the wedding. 🙂


and they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!

May God bless your marriage with happiness & many years of serving in his kingdom.


4 thoughts on “July Wedding in Victoria,TX {Danielle & Ben Copeland}

  1. They are all Beautiful! Just looking at the pictures makes me feel like I was there. Great job Shanna-Kaye! lf

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