{Engagement | Coty & Braden}

Meet Coty + Braden.


They are a super amazing couple-with tons of personality, good looks, and will make you laugh!


Let’s start off with some goofy pictures!

Coty contacted me after seeing my work thru a mutual friend-and planning their engagement shoot was so fun! We sat at Starbucks for 2 hours and oohhed and aahed over pictures she loved from Pinterest, and talked about all the upcoming wedding details-and found a few fun ideas she was really excited about.

I was so excited to photograph them, as I could tell Coty wanted me to be as creative as I could to make their session spectacular ..and that is like handing a photographer their camera on a silver platter!

We had fun with Xmas lights-fall leaves-brick streets-laying on the street with a quilt-silhouettes in an abandoned building-lots of tickling and laughing-and overall sappiness! They were an AWESOME couple-and I would gladdly photograph them again!


May God bless your marriage together-and give you many happy years as husband and wife. Thank-you for allowing me the privilege of capturing the love you share!


P.S. Leave Coty & Braden a super sweet comment-and if they get 15 comments I will send them a special gift from their session ❤ So share the love!






^That was one of the very first photos I took at our session Saturday-and how perfectly adorable are they?? I could tell from the very beginning that I was really going to love this couple!



We encountered some really nasty sticker burrs after this photo set…but I still think it was worth it!



I love pulling in props during a session-it gives the couple something to do and keeps it feeling not awkward  Though I think Braden might have thought I was a little crazy when I handed him a Vintage Polaroid camera….but man I love what fun they had with it!






I just love silhouettes …there is something so romantic about them to me! Coty really wanted a great silhouette photo…and I knew this building

would give the perfect spot to create one.


Funny story-I had them laughing & laughing down on the quilt (in the middle of the road-no cars coming though!) and one car pulled up-the people inside thought they were hurt or something! We jumped up as soon as we saw them pull up-I think we scared them pretty bad!


and they lived happily ever after! The End 🙂




18 thoughts on “{Engagement | Coty & Braden}

  1. What a treasure they will hold onto forever! Great photos. I must say I have such a beautiful niece and you captured the true essence of Coty and Braden. Job well done!!!

  2. Super Cute!!! Beautiful People, and I love the Outfits! And I love all the color shots with big smiles. (I’m not a random creeper lol…I am related through marriage to Brandon Mathis and his wife Felicia…) Hope y’all can get to 15! 🙂 Best Wishes for the Marriage!

  3. I grew up with Coty and think these pictures capture her personality and the personality of this couple perfectly! We are so excited for you two, love the engagements!
    ❤ Brooke Barnhurst

  4. I love these photos! 🙂 Especially the kissing ones (Braden) Congratulations! These photos will bring back such great memories!
    Nikki Kendell Taylor

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Can’t believe my Coty is getting MARRIED! Love love love the session…natural and all smiles:) congrats guys! ❤

  6. Thanks you guys! I think we made it 😉 I am beyond excited about these pictures!! Shanna-Kaye did such an amazing job and we both adore them!! We had such a blast taking them! Love ya’ll!!

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