{Engagement | Coty & Braden}

Meet Coty + Braden.


They are a super amazing couple-with tons of personality, good looks, and will make you laugh!


Let’s start off with some goofy pictures!

Coty contacted me after seeing my work thru a mutual friend-and planning their engagement shoot was so fun! We sat at Starbucks for 2 hours and oohhed and aahed over pictures she loved from Pinterest, and talked about all the upcoming wedding details-and found a few fun ideas she was really excited about.

I was so excited to photograph them, as I could tell Coty wanted me to be as creative as I could to make their session spectacular ..and that is like handing a photographer their camera on a silver platter!

We had fun with Xmas lights-fall leaves-brick streets-laying on the street with a quilt-silhouettes in an abandoned building-lots of tickling and laughing-and overall sappiness! They were an AWESOME couple-and I would gladdly photograph them again!


May God bless your marriage together-and give you many happy years as husband and wife. Thank-you for allowing me the privilege of capturing the love you share!


P.S. Leave Coty & Braden a super sweet comment-and if they get 15 comments I will send them a special gift from their session ❤ So share the love!






^That was one of the very first photos I took at our session Saturday-and how perfectly adorable are they?? I could tell from the very beginning that I was really going to love this couple!



We encountered some really nasty sticker burrs after this photo set…but I still think it was worth it!



I love pulling in props during a session-it gives the couple something to do and keeps it feeling not awkward  Though I think Braden might have thought I was a little crazy when I handed him a Vintage Polaroid camera….but man I love what fun they had with it!






I just love silhouettes …there is something so romantic about them to me! Coty really wanted a great silhouette photo…and I knew this building

would give the perfect spot to create one.


Funny story-I had them laughing & laughing down on the quilt (in the middle of the road-no cars coming though!) and one car pulled up-the people inside thought they were hurt or something! We jumped up as soon as we saw them pull up-I think we scared them pretty bad!


and they lived happily ever after! The End 🙂




Chic Critique-Photography Idol

I’m submitting this photo from a recent Senior session in a contest over at Chic Critique. They have a “Photography Idol” competition going on…and I would be so thrilled to be selected. 


Ashley is a beautiful Senior from West Rusk High School, and her eyes just are mesmerizing! 



DIY Tutorial: Homemade Silhouette

Yesterday my mother-in-law asked if she could watch my 1 year old for the afternoon. Why yes! I would love some time off! 😉

With my new found 5 hours of time baby-free, I got on Pinterest to find some kind of project that I would enjoy doing for my home.

I love silhouettes-always have. I get majorly excited when the lighting is right during a session and I capture one. So when I found a way to make your photos into silhouettes, I decided that would be my project for the day. Below is the tutorial for what I did-I changed up the directions for the orginal project, and made it my own. That’s what I LOVE about crafting-there really are no rules on what you can do! If you do this project-I would just LOVE to see yours….feel free to post a link to your blog or FB where you post a photo, or post it on my Captured Moments by SK fan page.

I pinned this DIY tutorial here-feel free to repin it on your board! It makes me excited when people repin something I did 😉

Happy Crafting!!


What you need:




*Black paint

*Paint Brush

*Zig Zig tape (found at fabric store)

*Paper to collage behind painting (I used an old hymnal)

*Rub on letters or stickers

*Thick paper (I used watercolor paper)

*Photo on your computer


*Printing paper

*Frame (I used a 12×12 scrapbooking frame from Michaels)

*Note: I use Photoshop Elements for editing. You can use any editing program that uses layers to make this project.

Step 1:

Open your photo in PSE. Pick a photo that you can see a side profile, as your silhouette will be flat and not have depth. The great thing about this project is you can use a photo that is blown out, and it’s okay!

Step 2:

Use the Quick Selection Tool to select the part of the image you want as your silhouette. Right click on the image, and “save layer as copy”. Look over at your Layers panel,

and you will have two layers-one with the original picture on it, and one with the cut out picture. Turn the background picture layer off. (click the little eye icon to turn off)

Step 3:

Make a new layer. (In the toolbar at the top-go to “Layer”, and the first item on the menu will be “New”. Move your mouse over it to see the “new layer” button.)

Grab the paint bucket tool, and make sure your color is on black. Now paint the new layer black. Don’t freak out when the whole photo goes black-it’s supposed too!

Now go to the Layers panel-and “clip” the black layer to the cut out layer. To do this-click on the dividing line between the layers, and it will clip the top layer to the bottom layer.

It will look like this:

Step 4:

(yes I changed pictures for this one)

Open a new document-sized for 8.5×11 inches. Drag your two layers over to the new file, and resize them to fit the size you want on the paper.

Save the new file as a .PNG file. Print this PNG on your printer.

Step 5:

Tape the printed photo to a brightly lit window. Get a piece of thick paper (I used watercolor paper from Michael’s), and hold it over the taped photo. Use a pen to carefully trace the silehoutte on your paper. The outline you make will be what you paint-so make sure it’s a good outline!

*Note: At this point, you could print it on card-stock paper and just cut it out…but since my printer isn’t that fabulous, I decided to paint it.

Step 6:

Paint the inside of your outline with black paint. I went over most of the silhouette twice, letting the paint dry in between. I use acrylic paint, and it dries quickly.

Use a small brush so you don’t accidentally mess up the faces. Tape it back to the window, and let the sunlight dry it.

Once it’s dry, I carefully torn the edges of the paper.

Step 7:

Lay your frame on the table. I used an old hymnal from a garage sale (bought for .25!) for the background. I tore out pages, and tore them in strips and layered it inside the frame. I did not tape or glue them down-since the frame I have had the glass fit in the top, I didn’t have to turn it over. You could use scrap booking paper too. Set this aside.

Step 8:

Un tape your photo from the window. Lay it on the table, and cut out the rub-on letters you want to use. Carefully adhere them on to the paper. (Instructions should be on the back of the package)

Lay the paper on top of the frame and scrap paper, and position it. Cut a small piece of zig-zig tape, and place it under the letters. Put your glass top on the frame, and snap it into place.

And your done!!!

These are going to go in my son’s room-above his bed. I can’t wait to make more of them to put in my house!

July Wedding in Victoria,TX {Danielle & Ben Copeland}

Danielle & Benjamin were wed at sunset on a beautiful day in July-at the Power Avenue Warehouse in Victoria, TX.

I’ve been trying to decide how to write this post for almost 3 weeks now-and here’s why: Danielle is one of my closest friends. She was my maid of honor just two years ago when I got married, and we were “bunk mates” at summer camp for almost 10 years. I could tell you many stories about our adventures-all the trouble we got into for talking too much after curfew, and how much I looked up to her for being such a fabulous artist. For the sake of time-I will just tell you about their wonderful day! 😉

My husband Paul (my 2nd shooter) and I drove up to Victoria ,TX the evening before the big day, and met them at the rehearsal. There were a few shots I wanted to get in the evening light…and they were awesome letting me break out my creative side!

Danielle was pretty excited when I pulled out a vintage red suitcase-because her colors were red and yellow.

On their wedding day-I followed Danielle to her hair & makeup appointment, got everything finished in time to head Downtown for their First Look session. It was beautiful. Downtown Victoria is a splendid place for photographs-and I was thrilled to have some new places to shoot at! We found a fabulous red wall at a nearby cafe-I loved it so much I wish I could bring it back to Tyler with me.

First-we blind folded the groom so he wouldn’t see the bride when she arrived. He cooperated quite nicely for us!

My favorite moment of a first look, is to see the guy’s face when he see’s his beautiful bride for the first time. Ben’s expression brings tears to my eyes every time I look back at the photos…

his sheer joy, excitement, and love is contagious! I really could see he was so thrilled to finally have some time with his bride-and I was happy to supply the “break” from the craziness that always

surrounds your wedding day!


One funny thing happened when we were shooting-I had them run across the road and then walk back, so I could get a shot that Danielle wanted. When they ran across the road…Ben’s sole on his shoe came UNGLUED…like just fell almost completely off! I didn’t notice until after they walked across the street, as we had about 10 seconds to get the shot before traffic started again-but I got it all shot and it made some priceless photos. Luckily, my husband was super amazing and went and picked up a new pair of shoes for Ben (since the wedding was in a little over an hour-and he couldn’t exactly go barefoot!) and nobody would know the difference.

Just goes to show you-things may happen during the shoot, but it makes a GREAT story later!

On to the Wedding…..

and I know pronounce you…..


What is Steve up too?

He is bringing a stool-for Danielle to stand on to get that first kiss!

Family Pictures…

Danny was awarded the title of “Brides-Bro” by the bride. He grew up with Danielle,

so she wanted him on her side in the wedding. 🙂


and they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!

May God bless your marriage with happiness & many years of serving in his kingdom.

Drawing Cameras for Photogs

I am working on some new designs for my Marketing Design by SK store, and these cute camera .png’s are a sneak peek of what I’ll be adding!

I would love to know what colors you want to see in camera designs-I will be drawing more cameras, and camera related things….so leave your ideas here! You never know if I may draw it 😉


Changes for Captured Moments by SK

Hello everyone-

There are lots of changes happening to Captured Moments by SK

that I want to share with you!


*My husband took me and our son Kidron to the Rose Garden on Mother’s Day for a brunch picnic-and we did our first self portrait family photo with my new D7000!

New Page-I have a NEW FB page for my Marketing Design. It is called Marketing Design by SK-and all of my Photoshop templates, Custom Logo Design and Marketing Sets, and online Photography classes will be listed on this new page. My Captured Moment by SK page will be just for my photography. My page has become cluttered with all the designs I’ve done, that I know my clients are missing out on the photos from their sessions! I am so excited by all the photographers and business owners that I have helped with their marketing and logo design, and hope that you will share my new page.

Pricing-My pricing has been updated for Portrait sessions and Weddings. As my portfolio has grew in the last 2 years, and the time I put into planning, shooting, editing, and delivering clients sessions I decided it was time for me to update my pricing. Clients can contact me thru the “Contact” tab on my website to have my Investment guide sent to their email. I will still be offering digital files and prints, and will have packages for clients to choose from depending on what they wish to purchase with a session.


I have an active one year old son, and a husband who needs his wife to be attentive when he comes home. I’ve realized that with the time I spend on perfecting each image, I have to make it worth the time put into it. Thank-you for supporting my business in the last two years-and I look forward to capturing your moments in the rest of 2012!

Giveaways-I will be cutting back on the number of giveaways I hold on my FB pages. I enjoy the excitement it produces, but I want to take the time I spend on FB and invest it into my photography sessions and creating new marketing sets for photographers.

Session & Inquiry-Emails and phone calls will be replied to between 9-4pm on weekdays. Anything sent after 4pm will be replied to the next business day. (Being a SAHM and making your own schedule is hard-but my little one demands this!)

I will not be taking any more sessions on Sunday afternoons. Sunday is our day together as a family and a day of worship, and I need that one day to just be Mom & Wife.




and that’s a wrap! Thank-you again for your support in my growing business!!

I love getting to meet each and every one of you fans on FB, and clients in the Tyler area-and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask.

Shanna-Kaye Fancher